Our Products & Services:

Exhibition Booth Design:

     We take special care and attention in understanding your individual ideas and wishes to represent your brand and products in an exceptional way. Therefor, we will create an individual and innovative design that matches your company´s requirements and expectations. Our high quality 3D rendered design enables you to receive an impression of how exactly your exhibition stand will look once it is constructed.


Exhibition Booth Construction:

     We strive to make your exhibition a success and we build your stand in line with this aim. Not only do we use materials of the highest quality to build your stand, we also aim to make sure every process runs smoothly during and after the exhibition. You can rely on our high level of experience and professionalism and expect a finished booth built up in superior quality. 


Further Services:

     Besides booth design and construction we offer various additional services for your convenience. We have a holistic approach and offer services from gift sets through to on-site services. Additionally, we will guide you through all the different aspects of organizing an exceptional exhibition booth.